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Traffic Law

DWI, DUI and Substance-related Offenses

Few offenses are treated as seriously in law and by our courts than alcohol or substance related traffic offenses. It is important that a qualified and experienced attorney assist you in defending your case to make sure that your rights are protected and, where possible, you maintain the right to operate motor vehicles. Our staff and attorneys have over a decade of experience working with the local courts to resolve these serious offenses in a way that both serves justice and protects our clients.

Speeding and Non-substance-related Traffic Offenses

Even the most minor vehicular infraction can present a number of legal pitfalls; although letters from the court present appealing alternatives to lengthy court appearances, the practical implications of paying a traffic fine can have ongoing impact on your personal insurance rates and even influence future judicial dispositions. Our traffic division has a wealth of experience helping clients minimize the ongoing personal impact of traffic infractions.


Sam Coleman

Sam has established a reputation as an effective and reasonable advocate for his clients in matters related to traffic offenses.

His experience with the local criminal justice system and familiarity with traffic laws and law enforcement procedures facilitates efficient representation which yields the best results for our clients.

Sam's practical understanding of traffic law facilitates open and clear communication and can ensure that your case will be resolved in the most positive manner available.

Alonzo B. Coleman, Jr.

As a retired District Court Judge, Lonnie knows the law and understands traffic court.

Lonnie's personal knowledge of how the law treats various offenses provides a clear understanding of the legal implications associated with your traffic charges.

Lonnie has also dedicated significant time to the mastery of the Spanish language and is ready to assist clients in both English and Spanish.

To make an appointment to discuss Traffic Law cases and questions:

Helen Overaker

Helen has worked with Sam for nearly twenty (20) years managing our traffic files and working with our clients.

She has developed a mastery of the field and understands how our local courts treat traffic offenses. Her years of experience interacting with clients have made her an effective communicator who is ready to serve our clients and help them understand the legal process and the practical implications of their disposition.

For questions about a traffic matter, Helen can be reached at:

(919)732-1213 |

Lisa Gammon

Lisa has over 20 years of legal experience and has worked with our firm in a variety of areas. Lisa now works with Sam, interacting with clients and assisting with intake.

Lisa stands ready to assist you with your traffic matter and can be reached at

(919)732-1214 |

Liz Atkinson

Liz has worked with our office for almost five (5) years now and continues to assist with our traffic matters. Liz is generally responsible behind the scenes, but stands ready to assist by addressing client concerns over the phone.